Organisation Application Form

This application is for players to request support and approval for a whitelisted group/organisation. This can include a business but details must be included in depth for such support to take place.
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

Warning - The Govement (DRP Management) can take control of the organisation at anytime due to Police investigation/ ban of the owner of the organisation

Email Address:


Character Name:

Name of Group/Organisation:

Type of work your group will be involved in (Legal or otherwise)

Colors or Clothing style of your group (if applicable)

Logos you may have

Area of Play / Territory you would like to operate in

Do you have a location for a house/garage/etc for your group? (If so, where?)

Vehicle Type your group most often uses

Vehicle Type your group most often uses

Number of group members at the time of this application

Names of existing group members

Assistance (if any) you require from staff/developers to setup/run your group