Honour Services applications for businesses

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Security Contract Applcation Form

Full Name (OWNER) :

Business Name:

Australian ABN (IN RP) :

Business Address:

Nature of Business:

Mobile Number (IN RP)

Protection Package (Listed Below):

Terms and Conditions:

Honour Services Security is a Privately Owned Security Company, dedicated to the Protection of Our clients, and as such, its members and assets will not be used in anyway against official law enforcement, or emergency services, should this be breached you will be arrested and handed to the authorities following a blacklist from using Honour Services Security.

Package Fees are set at a standard rate and either paid Up front in full, or paid over set instalments, once this form is filed out and Submitted an Honour Services Representative Will get in contact with you for further Details.

Should you be unable to pay on time or are delayed in any way, an application for a Payment extension must be Submitted to Honour Services otherwise any and all outstanding payments will be accumulated until the end of the commissioned term and you will be taken to court to pay the remainder.

Additional Honour Services Security Guards and vehicles may be added to current packages, Shown Below, however pricing for each vary with need, use and location.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, Please Sign Here

Protection Packages (Pricing Subject to Change with economy)
All packages include standard Contract Term of one Week (IRL)

Private Package
Price - $2500 (Per guard)
Includes – One Standard Equip Guard and One Standard transport Vehicle

Business Package 1
Price - $5000 (Per Location)
Includes - 2 Standard Equip Guards and one Standard transport Vehicle

Business Package 2
Price - $10000 (Per Location)
Includes - 4 Standard Equip Guards and one transport Vehicle

Business Package 3
Price - $15000 (Per Location)
Includes - 5 Standard Equip Guards and two transport Vehicles

(Packages may be altered and added)
All payments and contracts are final and will not be refunded in any way.

Honour_Services Honour Services

Payment extension form

Full Name (Owner):

Business name:

Australian ABN (in rp):

Business address:

Contract Serial Number:

Mobile Number (in rp):

Protection Package:

Reason for extension:

Terms and Conditions

This document is to only be used for requesting a payment extension for valid and unexpired Contracts and is to be submitted the end of the contracts set term.

Should it be found that the contract has reached the end of its term and this form was submitted, this application will be denied, and you will be contacted about any possible outstanding Payments you still need to pay, Failure to do so will result in a court appearance.

Each extension will include a $100 late Fee per day after contract end date. If payments are not cleared with interest by the negotiated Extension Date then, you will be taken to court.

If you agree to the above terms and conditions, Please Sign here: