Development Team - Lead

Hello to anyone whom reads these, I commend you on doing so because litterally no one else probably will.

So, what is there to say about me?
I’m Twiitchter. I’ve been involved with various communities and projects around FiveM for a long long while now.

You may find some old posts of mine on the forums, a lot of my old resources I have removed due to people trying to sell, pilfer or outright be dumb in the threads.

This community is the first I’m assisting with my own “framework”.

Of course there are some resources from the forums on the server, however ours, are slightly different to the default and some have been completely rewritten.

I may be around in RP, or in general chats from time to time.

I’m also a recently new dad, so my time is stretched thin enough as it is, so my patience can get short at times.

If you find issues or bugs, please report them to the admin team so they can make an issue request with a repo on our github for tracking purposes.

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